Welcome Note By Mr. Hamza Abusitta – Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Reachware is pleased to announce the launch of the April Newsletter, keeping you up to date on some exciting things we have done over the last several months.

Globally, we are experiencing very difficult times due to the COVID-19 coronavirus and the future remains uncertain. My thoughts go out to those who have been affected, whether directly or indirectly, by the virus.

Moving forward with some optimistic news about our business, Reachware will continue to cultivate businesses relating to Integrated Solutions, to provide companies all they need and assist them in establishing connectivity as well as overcoming systems challenges that may arise.

At Reachware we believe that the right integration solution enables a company to future proof it’s ecosystem, making it easy to scale, adjust and regulate as business requirements change.


Reachware provides enterprises integration solutions tailored to their specific needs, regardless of what industry they may be in or what their use case might be. Finding the right integration solution can be challenging, but doing so allows organizations to improve their business operations as well as derive greater value from distributed systems, applications, services and software. Moreover, a robust integration solution provides businesses with all the resources they need in order to be successful regardless of industry or use case.


What Is Reachware?

Bring all your different systems together onto one unified platform for better insights into your business with Reachware Systems! Reachware provides in-house advanced and customized integration solutions for enterprises using: ERP, POS, eCommerce and much more.


Reachware Is Integrated With Many Popular Solutions:

Our integration ensures a powerful, end-to-end modern analytics solution that fits with your existing technology investments. Reachware is a Data Integration solution with many popular vendors’ solutions such as:


Reachware Bundles:

Reachware offers bundles & Add-ons products for NetSuite and Revel with special prices.

All of our integration bundles are fully featured out-of-the-box, and we offer advanced automation, customization, consultation, implementation, and administrative services to address.


NetSuite Bundles

  • Advanced Tax Automation
  • Treasury Management
  • Advanced IFRS Reports
  • Advanced Asset Lease Module
  • Budget Control
  • Advanced workflows
  • Arabic Interface Pack
  • Mobile App Extension
  • Advance Shipping

Revel Bundles

  • Revel Systems Purchase Requisition Module
  • Revel Systems Arabic Interface Pack
  • Revel Systems Inventory Deviation Report


Our Customers:

Having a comprehensive understanding of your clients is key to achieving core business goals. At Reachware we partner with our customers to deliver the most innovative integration solutions for after sales service.



Stay tuned for more news, customers, updates & bundles with Reachware Newsletter.