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When it comes to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) it is important to understand how you will benefit from using an integrated system like Reachware before you begin.

Value of the integration for the Sales

The ability to make better decisions about customers and marketing

Reduce duplication to increase efficiency

Managing new sales opportunities/projects.

Manage your relationship with your client.

Why Reachware?

  • Increase productivity by eliminating wasteful processes and ensuring that your team members have immediate access to the information they need to better serve your customers.
  • Help marketers keep track of how many contacts they have with each customer, allowing them to adjust their approach during the next encounter.
  • Give you a more complete view of each customer, including their buying habits, the total amount they spend with your organization each year, and the activities they engage in when they visit your website
  • Give you a more comprehensive view of the customer, which you can use to increase customer retention rates.
  • Make it easy to customize your marketing messages, helping you reap all the benefits of personalized messages without wasting time.

Sales Integration

Reachware offers a wide variety of pre-built integrations tailored for the needs of specific industries, departments, and use-cases.


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