What is Reachware System & how does it work
Reachware is an integration system in which many individual subsystems are combined into a single, larger system allowing the subsystems to work together.

Reachware is an integration system in which many individual subsystems are combined into a single, larger system allowing the subsystems to work together. Reachware allows the main system as NetSuite; Revel or any other product to achieve the overall functionality required by the organization.


In most organizations, there is a need to improve the efficiency and thus the productivity and quality of their operations, so their goal is usually to get the different IT systems to communicate with each other in the background to avoid the time and effort involved in manually sharing information with other departments/components of the organization including top management. With Reachware, organizations will see increased information flow speeds as well as lower operating costs.


Furthermore, Reachware System connects the organization with third parties such as suppliers, customers, and shareholders. Each of these has its own unique interests in information generated by your company. Reachware allows suppliers to keep track of raw material levels; allows customers to keep track of finished goods inventory and allows shareholders to view the company position briefly in a dashboard style in real-time. All these conditions can be satisfied quite simply by using the Reachware system.


Reachware Benefits:

Combining different subsystems across the company will give you an edge over your competitors. It also makes sure that you get more accurate results, as all the data is processed in one place. Reachware will make your operations and business functions work together seamlessly.

  1. Improving Customer Service

The faster and more efficiently you meet your customers’ needs, the more likely they will come back and pay attention to excellent customer service. With Reachware’s service, you can handle inquiries easily by having all the information you need at hand when you need it.

  1. Increase Sales

A properly integrated system can make it easier for customers to purchase your products or services. Whether it’s an in-store kiosk, an online store, or an online reservation calendar, anything that makes your existing sales system run more smoothly can have a huge impact on your overall sales.

  1. Provide a Better Work Environment

With Reachware Integration System, there will be more time to be spent on non-technical activities such as interacting with customers face to face; facilitating employees’ performance of their work, and saving time for more useful work; Send invoices, receiving money, tracking expenses, pay your team …etc.

  1. Information Appears Faster

Prior to systems integration, it was common for organizations to enter the same information into multiple systems, which made the flow of information within the organization very slow. Information is often backed up, waiting to be re-requested on a scheduled basis. One of the main benefits of the Reachware Integration System is the automatic integration of systems; important information is available faster throughout organizations. This allows quick decisions to be made.

  1. Consistent Connection

 In addition to saving money when you reenter the same data over and over, the automated exchange of information means that information is consistent between different systems. Prior to integration, it is common for information to become inconsistent between systems. For example, one system may be updated with the new client address, but another system may not get the update. Integrating these systems removes the confusion that inconsistent information creates.

  1. Saves you Money and Hassle

Reachware Integration System allows you to leverage your investment in them. So, instead of replacing several existing systems with one big and expensive new one, you can integrate these systems at a lower cost and not have to go through the (sometimes painful) process of implementing a new computer system.

Last but not least, system integration requires expertise that is not easy to come by. It is not enough to have excellent integration technology if the required expertise is not there. Most companies struggle to find and retain employees with the required skill set for system integration. The best way to address this issue is to use Reachware expertise, which will bring the required integration services to the table as required.





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