AP AR Netting

AP/AR netting enables you to settle mutual open balances between customers and vendors. Netting automatically generates settlements, which reduces inaccuracies made through manually generated settlements.


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What is AP/AR Netting?

The AP/AR bundle empowers organizations to streamline their accounts payable and receivables netting, eliminating reliance on Excel and manual efforts. The netting settlement includes essential details such as creation date, currency, and posting period.

This solution supports various classifications and custom segments, grouping netted transactions based on department, class, location, or custom segment specifications. It also maintains comprehensive AP/AR netting review details, including netting date, approval status, and links to related transactions and applied amounts. Also, Multiple invoices linked to one bill, and multiple bills linked to one invoice.

Key Benefits of AP/AR Netting

  • Manage the complete netting cycle.
  • Fully automated clearing settlements.
  • Less manual effort.
  • Automatic payment application for open invoices.
  • Easy to find the maximum amount of nettable.
  • Eliminates manual efforts.
  • Flexible to define accounts.
  • Create automated AP/AR network settlement transactions.
  • Flexible advanced workflow levels.
  • Real time reports.