Advanced Budgeting (p2p) - Fund Request approval

Advanced Budgeting (P2P) - Fund Request Approval is an all-encompassing solution that seeks to augment procurement budget management. It provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of budget utilization on the purchase cycle.


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What is Advanced Budgeting (P2P) - Fund Request approval?

This solution empowers organizations to evaluate business alternatives and set targets for utilizing the budget for purchase operations at each account line level. Advanced Budgeting (P2P) streamlines the procurement process with fully automated budget utilization, real-time calculations, and flexible workflow levels. The solution guarantees improved efficiency, better decision-making, and enhanced visibility into budget utilization throughout the procurement process. Department wise multiple budget plans help to control the Fund request approval process for creating the purchase requisitions, Purchase orders, Vendor bills, writing checks, Journals, and bill credits to Vendors.

Key Benefits of Advanced Budgeting (p2p) - Fund Request approval

  • Fully Automated budget utilization on end-to-end procurement process.
  • Increase collaboration with business stakeholders and drive better decision-making on procurement.
  • Drill across budget, forecast, and actuals to see the impact on business performance.
  • Department-wise FRA utilization and balance availability.
  • One FRA will have multiple PR/PO approved transactions.
  • Flexible Advanced workflow levels on fund request process and budget utilization.
  • Real-time calculations on budget and FRA utilization.
  • Easily applies partial FRA payments to PR and Standalone Purchase orders.
  • Flexibility to import FRA transactions with different budget categories and departments.
  • Separate Record for Fund Request approval process between budget and purchase process.