Payment Application

The Reachware Payment application on AP Extension covers how to process formal written requests for payment by a contractor for work completed on a construction contract. It offers a fast and simple process for subcontract billing, review payment completion stages, and approval, allowing for quicker payments. It helps property contractors evaluate the completion of work and the project's current status.


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What is the Payment Application on AP?

The payment application contains all information needed to confirm that a certain amount of work has been completed. The overall contract dictates what amounts of work are due payment, and each individual application  confirms when a completed amount of work is due for payment.

Separate payment application records to capture the original amount of the contract, the total value of work completed to date, the current payment application, the total amount of previous payments made, and the balance remaining.

This will perform real-time, multi-dimensional modeling of the Subcontract process. The RW Payment application on AP is intended to provide a single subcontracting solution for contractors such as residential and commercial builders and Land and Real Estate Developers. This Extension also allows for moderate customization to your business needs.

Key Benefits of The Payment Application

  • Fully automated all of the paperwork involved in the subcontract payment application process.
  • Ease of managing complex subcontract billing and completion-based payments process.
  • One solution to manage and visualize all aspects of your business (from purchase contracts to billing and payments).
  • Separate subtabs are needed for advance and retention values on the subcontract record level.
  • Automated Advance bill creation with VAT compliance. Separate records for each payment completion to process the billing and payments.
  • Real-time status of total work completion and payments made and balance remaining.
  • Real-time adjustment for vendor advances and Input VAT for each payment billing with automated GL impacts.
  • Automate holding of retention process for each billing.
  • Simplified processes for subcontracting and financial-based reporting.
  • Flexible Advanced workflow levels for each payment completion.