ISSA - Inventory - Store Suite App.

ISAA-In-Store Stock App. This application is natively built on top of NetSuite Inventory management. ISAA provides additional functionality for more complex store inventory needs. It is an improved and simplified inventory module that accelerates store operations for any user.


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What is ISSA - Inventory - Store Suite App?

ISAA enhances inventory visibility with tracking and control capabilities across multiple branches. It enables the identification of the necessary stock orders or returns from specific branches and gives store and area managers intelligent control, helping them avoid stockouts and maintain continuity.

Moreover, it includes built-in exception management functionality to handle store inventory discrepancies.

Key Benefits of ISSA - Inventory - Store Suite App

  • Unified solution to reduce reliance on inventory store/branch transfer operations.
  • Dynamically manage requisitions, inventory counts, requests for inventory from other stores/warehouses, production orders, return inventory, and daily wastages.
  • Provides complete control over all aspects of branch/store operation processes, including wastage.
  • Additional option to enter inventory count based on defined categories (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
  • Store/area manager has full control over which branch/store and items participate in the transfer and return process.
  • Periodic inventory counts automatically calculate on-hand item quantities at any time in any store.
  • Boost customer satisfaction by eliminating stockouts and speeding transfers between stores.
  • Powerful single-click KPIs and custom inventory reports.
  • Ability to create sub-recipe items prepared in a specific store/branch.
  • Easy tracking of item main and subcategories.
  • Separate account setup for inventory wastage counts for each recipe/item.