BASHER human resource management solution is a fully customized solution built on Oracle NetSuite. With Basher HR, payroll, and financial data in a single place, your organization gains visibility into how workforce performance impacts financial performance.


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What is BASHER HR?

BASHER HR streamlines human resources management by consolidating it into a single tool, eliminating the need for third-party integrations. This enhances data accuracy and creates a more engaging workforce experience.

Employees and managers can securely perform various HR tasks, such as changing addresses or initiating promotions, at any time. Active goal setting connects employees to their work, while recognition and rewards drive engagement and productivity.

Real-time general ledger postings ensure financial accounts remain up-to-date and balanced, enabling finance leaders to make informed decisions by drilling down from payroll summaries to individual payroll details.

Key Benefits of BASHER HR

  • Payroll and Financials: Access detailed payroll data in real time without the hassle of importing it into your accounting software.
  • Streamlined Processes: Save time with automated payroll preparation and execution.
  • Quick Payroll Runs: Run payroll in minutes without third-party file manipulation, then seamlessly post to your general ledger.
  • Expense Management: Monitor and manage payroll expenses at various organizational levels, including company-wide, departmental, or location-specific.
  • Centralized Employee Data: Consolidate all employee information into a single platform, reducing the need for reconciliation and integration efforts.
  • Empowerment Tools: Enable employees and managers to securely perform common HR tasks like address changes, promotions, and viewing time-off balances at any time.
  • Payment Flexibility: Enjoy flexible payment and earnings options with the ability to run unlimited payroll cycles.
  • Configurable Workflows: Customize payroll workflows to handle high-volume and complex payroll batches efficiently.
  • Advanced Editing Features: Easily make adjustments to payroll information at a granular level, avoiding the need to recalculate entire batches.
  • Automated Performance Appraisal: Simplify the performance appraisal process with automated features, allowing customization to fit your timelines and procedures.