Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration


Achieve Comprehensive Functionality with Reachware!

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Dynamics 365

Achieve Comprehensive Functionality with Reachware!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a unified, cloud-based business management solution that enables organizations to turn entry-level accounting software or legacy ERP systems into a comprehensive solution for managing critical business functions, including finance, operations, sales, and customer service. Reachware integration with Dynamics enables improved customer relationships, increased productivity, and improved communication.

Why Reachware?

  • Customer and sales order records are created automatically.
  • Create user profiles for custom displays, marketing messages, recommendations, and content curation.
  • Sales requests and quotations are sent to appropriate personnel for review, fulfillment, and shipment.
  • Shipping details are converted into readable formats and forwarded to the e-commerce store.
  • Update inventory numbers in real time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrations

Reachware offers a wide variety of pre-built integrations tailored for the needs of specific industries, departments, and use-cases.