Zid Integration

Launch, Scale and Grow Your Online Store

Driven by the demands of the retail sector and fueled by modern technology, Zid is a Saudi holding company established in 2017, dedicated to revolutionizing the retail sector by simplifying the world of e-commerce.


Achieve Comprehensive Functionality with Reachware!

Zid is an e-commerce solution in a box that allows retailers to start or expand their e-commerce business. Reachware integration with Zid saves time and reduces errors by automating transfers of payments and sales data from the front store to the back-end financial system, it also helps the finance team access the data they need, anytime, anywhere.



Why Reachware?

  • Maintain accurate customer, product, order, and shipping data without entering data manually.
  • Maintain consistent stock and price levels across systems and provide correct information to customers the first time.
  • Providing customers with a better experience across multiple sales channels, devices and touch points in the buying journey.
  • Provide helpful customer service with instant order status data, product information, pricing, and stock availability.

Zid Integrations

Reachware offers a wide variety of pre-built integrations tailored to the needs of specific industries, departments, and use-cases.